What I do...

In more than 20 years of writing, I have interviewed A-listers, exposed medical negligence, talked to cancer survivors and tested, and written about, the far reaches of anti-ageing treatments. I also write a regular beauty column in a national paper, work with brands to improve their visibility, and have just written my first book for Penguin, a major health and wellbeing guide for women in mid-life
to be published in early 2014.   

Copywriter & Brand consultant

If you need clear, compelling web copy or a sparkling press release, I can help. If you need help communicating with journalists or the public, I can help. If you want my advice
on launching a new beauty or health product, just call me.
I have worked with top health and beauty brands, doctors, spas and clinics to deliver persuasive copy and given
success-building  advice.


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